Does the Metro Atlanta Real Estate Market Mimic the New HGTV Shows?

HGTV recently announced it’s new lineup of reality real estate made for TV shows for 2009. Four new shows debut this week and ironically, a couple actually mirror the state of the Atlanta Metro real estate market. The line up includes:

Income Property

Don’t be fooled by the title, this show is all about clever ways to “find” money-making space in homes for owners who are “house poor”. Hmmm, sounds vaguely familiar. Unfortunately, many Metro Atlanta homes purchased in the last 3 years are struggling because they too are “house poor”. Tune in to Income Property each Wednesday at 9:30PM EST.

The Unsellables

Again, this title could have been taken directly from our Atlanta Metro real estate market. Unfortunately, many homes currently for sale in the Metro Atlanta real estate market have and will continue to sit on the market. Why? Many are overpriced. Plus, some Atlanta Metro homes are not in pristine condition which will result in these homes sitting on the market until such time as the condition is either improved or the price is reduced to match the condition of the home. The premise of this made for “realty” TV show is an ongoing demonstration of “tough love” doled out by show host Sofie Allsop. The Unsellables debuts on HGTV this Friday at 10:30PM EST.

The Property Shop

While this scenario could play out in any market including the Metro Atlanta real estate market, documentation of the life of an agent turned wanna-be-broker Tatiana Londono of Montreal is sure to be worth dialing in for. The day in the life of an agent seeking the broker status should be raw and compelling. Be prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly when The Property Shop begins airing Thursday evenings at 10:30PM EST.

Wishing Our Metro Atlanta Market Were Similar to This HGTV Show

In fact, any real estate market would love to be patterned after the title of this new HGTV show called Desparate to Buy. Each episode features frantic home buyers who face a deadline to purchase a home. Talk about a change of pace from our current market conditions. Desparate to Buy airs each each Wednesday at 10:30PM EST.

Which New HGTV Show Do You Prefer?

Be sure to check back here and let us know which HGTV show you like and which one misses the mark. We’d love to hear your feedback!

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