Is Now the Best Time for First-time Home Buyers?

Are You Ready to Jump In the Gwinnett County Real Estate Market?

If you have been thinking about jumping into the Gwinnett County real estate market, right now might be your best opportunity. Interest rates are still very attractive and the inventory of homes for sale in Gwinnett County is very good offering you many choices. Plus, if you happen to be “cash poor”, there might be some solutions provided by FHA to help you get in a home with a limited amount of cash. Not that 100% financing is available. If you’re evaluating the current market, there are some aspects to buying your first home you need to consider:

  • After you select the right person for a Gwinnett County real estate agent, we can work together to help you select the best fit for a mortgage partner.
  • Because of the recent “mortgage mess”, current guidelines require you have a good credit score. Most mortgage experts consider scores in the 700 range as a “good score.”
  • Know your credit history and be sure you take action to correct any mistakes on your credit history. You mortgage resource can assist you with this part of your home buying process.
  • Consider the total cost of buying AND owning a home in Gwinnett County. That means you need to consider not only the principal, interest, taxes and homeowner insurance cost (PITI) but the cost to maintain your home. Think about your utility bills (electricity, phone, water, sewer), the cost of trash removal, any homeowner association dues, rainy day repair funds and many other cost to home ownership.
  • Secure a loan pre-approval letter before you begin your Gwinnett County home search! That way you know how much home you can afford to buy and narrow your search criteria to match what you can afford to buy. This will save you time and heartache from disappointment looking at homes you can never afford.
  • Once you know your credit history and credit score, ask your mortgage consultant about loan products provided by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).
  • Partner with a knowledgeable Gwinnett County real estate agent team to help you through the process!
  • Know your needs by sitting down and making a list of what you want and what you need in your first home.
  • Use the power of the Internet to help you search for homes for sale in Gwinnett County that fit your needs.
  • Also list your priorities. Does your Gwinnett County home need to be near your office, your school, a church, near a family member, or some other special location?
  • Typically, first-time home buyers and fixer-uppers don’t mix. You might be biting off more than you can chew!

Your Gwinnett County First-time Home Buyer Specialist!

Because we specialize in assisting first-time buyers with their Gwinnett County home purchase, be sure to ask any questions you might have about buying your first home.

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