Is Your Gwinnett County Real Estate Agent Web-savvy?

Most Gwinnett County home buyers and sellers would assume all real estate agents have a personal website. The second assumption most real estate consumers have is that just because a real estate agent has a website means the agent is “web-savvy“. The truth is some agents maximize their online presence to their client’s advantage and some don’t have any online presence whatsoever. So what defines a web-savvy real estate agent and why should that be important to you as a home buyer or seller? Great question!

A Web-savvy Gwinnett County Real Estate Agent – Defined!

In the realm of the Gwinnett County real estate market, smart real estate agents who understand how to use the power of the Internet to helpHelping You Achieve Superior Gwinnett County Real Estate Results! buyers and seller experience positive outcomes is the true definition of a web-savvy real estate professional. It’s all about you the consumer having access to a valuable information portal filled with user-friendly navigation and easy to read content. The portal should help make the real estate process easier for you not more difficult. Of course a website will never replace a real estate agent, but it should provide you the consumer free access to easy to use property search tools.

You’re a Person – Not a “Lead”

To some real estate agents, it’s about using the power of a website to “harvest your contact information” and send you spam emails. To us, you are a person deserving of our utmost respect. You are not a “lead”. If you do decide we are worthy of your business and you decide to provide us your name and email address, we will always respect your privacy and we promise to never share, rent or sell your private information to any third party. To the Safford Group – You are a person and you deserve to be treated respectfully!

How do you define a web-savvy real estate agent? We look forward to your feedback!

Until our next post,

The Safford Group

P.S. In our next post we will continue this discussion and specifically address online tools you can take advantage of to help you realize the best possible real estate transaction!

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John has been the managing partner for The Lewis-Safford Group for over ten years. John and his wife Natalie specialize in buyer and seller representation, marketing and are very knowledgeable about the Metropolitan Atlanta real estate market.

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