Creative Ways to Save for Your Next Metro Atlanta Home

We all know that consumer confidence is low and the Metro Atlanta real estate market is sluggish at best but there are great home buying deals to be had out there. If you’ve thought about buying a Metro Atlanta home but are worried you don’t have sufficient funds for a down payment and the closing cost here are few common sense tips to help you save.

  1. Kick the latte addiction. Latte’s cost at least $4 a cup. Calculate what that figure represents if you’re buying a Latte every day or every other day.
  2. Park the car. Car pooling is a great way to save $$
  3. Unless your owner’s manual recommends it, stop buying premium gas for your car
  4. Pay your bills on-time and do it online! You can avoid late fees and doing it online is easy. Being on time with your bills is really important in light of the new guidelines for credit scores and seeking a home loan
  5. Ditch the hardwired phone and only use your cell phone. This is pretty “hardcore” but for some people this is a smart $$ saving strategy

More Money Saving Tips to Help You Save for Your Metro Atlanta Home

I know my last Metro Atlanta Real Estate Blog post stated I would offer 5 tips but I have more ideas I believe will help you save if you are thinking about buying a home.

  • Host a yard sale and get rid of unwanted household goods, idle exercise equipment and gently-worn clothing in exchange for quick cash
  • Maintain the air pressure in your tires for better gas mileage
  • Avoid eating out. Many times the convenience factor comes into play with our eating habits but it’s terribly expensive to eat out often
  • Grocery shop with coupons. If you do it right, you can reduce your grocery bill significantly. I suggest the “Grocery Game“. Check it out!

All of these money-saving tips will help you curb your spending and help put cash in your pocket for that anticipated down payment and closing cost .

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What other money-saving strategies do you use to help you save money?

Until my next post,

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