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Marketing My Atlanta Metro Home – Should I Avoid the Holidays?

It never fails that my phone will ring or an email will hit my inbox with the question, “is the holiday season a bad time to attempt to sell my Atlanta Metro home?” I always answer by saying it depends! If you are relocating to Houston, TX and must report to your new job January […]

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Metro Atlanta Selected to List of Best Cities

In case you missed it, recently compiled a “Best List” for affordable retirement cities and Atlanta was listed as the number 9 city. Not only is Atlanta a vibrant, hip city for young professionals and families, it’s also a migration magnet for those over the age of 65. So Why Include Atlanta in this […]

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Keep a Thrifty Metro Atlanta Home

It’s no secret we are all looking for creative ways to help save a little extra cash. Whether you’re thinking about buying a Metro Atlanta area home of just looking to save some cash for the up coming holiday season we all need to be resourceful. With that thought in mind, here are a few […]