5 Reasons Why Your Next Gwinnett County Real Estate Agent Should Be a Blogger

Learn How Gwinnett County Realtors who Blog Will Help You Succeed!

Yes – it’s true! A Gwinnett County real estate agent who blogs really is a different type of Realtor! How you ask? Did you know according to the National Association of Realtors less than 10% of Realtors blog. I dare say that number is actually high judging from my observations. So how are blogging real estate agents different from your typical real estate agents and why should it matter to you?

  1. Gwinnett County real estate agents who blog typically have a higher “technology quotient.” Meaning their business utilizes technology to help them be more productive. Shouldn’t your agent be the most productive agent allowing you to succeed in your transaction?
  2. Successful Gwinnett County agents who blog are typically well read and stay abreast of all the latest news from the Internet on real estate marketing. Wouldn’t you prefer your agent be more knowledgeable maintaining a keen awareness on the latest tips and trends in the local real estate industry?
  3. Agents who blog traditionally understand how to maximize the power of the Internet to help their clients succeed. For buyers, that means your Gwinnett County real estate agent offers you more Internet-based resources. If you’re selling your Gwinnett County home, you can expect your blogging real estate agent to utilize every possible high-traffic website to expose your home to the widest pool of qualified buyers possible. In today’s challenging Atlanta real estate market, that’s critical to you selling your home quicker and for the most money!
  4. Real estate bloggers are able to tap into a large network of other blogging real estate agents. If you are a Gwinnett home buyer, this network of like-mided agents opens your property search to more resources. If you’re marketing your Gwinnett County property, blogging agents can maximize your home marketing plan for a wider audience of potential home buyers.
  5. Blogging agents are different from your typical real estate agent because they understand Gwinnett County home buyers and sellers depend on the World Wide Web for a Web 2.0 experience. That means “free access” to Atlanta area information and MLS property search tools. This allows you to fact-find and search without fear of being spammed with meaningless emails.

When You’re Ready to Select Your Next Gwinnett County Agent

We recommend you interview your next real estate agent partner. During the interview process ask them if they blog and then ask them why maintaining a blog is so important.

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