Marketing My Atlanta Metro Home – Should I Avoid the Holidays?

It never fails that my phone will ring or an email will hit my inbox with the question, “is the holiday season a bad time to attempt to sell my Atlanta Metro home?” I always answer by saying it depends! If you are relocating to Houston, TX and must report to your new job January 1, 2009, it seems to me you really have no other option. If however, you aren’t “pressed” to sell, maybe you should consider waiting until after the first of the year. Those who “bite the bullet’ and place their Metro Atlanta home on the market during the holiday season are motivated and competing with these serious sellers will be a steep uphill climb for those who maybe aren’t as highly motivated.

How Much Can I Decorate My Atlanta Metro Home?

Yes, that’s the next question that follows. And I reply by saying “it depends”. I suggest a minimalistic holiday decorating strategy for a couple of reasons.

  1. Decorating a home for the holidays requires work and time. It’s difficult enough to have your Atlanta Metro property show-ready for that next Atlanta Metro home buyer. More decorations means more cleaning.
  2. The last thing you want to do is to distract a buyer who is interested in a Atlanta Metro home or condo with all your tinsel, bows, yard blow-up characters, garland, 5,000 C-9 lights that outline your home, multiple decorated Christmas trees and cherished family holiday season “knick knacks”.
  3. Buyers who are searching for a Metro Atlanta home during the holidays are serious buyers as well, so make sure your property makes the absolute best first impression.

Are You Ready to List Your Atlanta Metro Home For Sale?

If so, add the Safford Sells Group to your holiday short list of Atlanta Metro real estate agents to interview for the job of effectively marketing and selling your home. Contact us today!

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