Norcross Opens the Imagination to Downtown Redevelopment

Here in Norcross, the city leaders have announced an initiative to add some imagination to the area of Lillian Webb Field. We already know downtown Norcross offers quaint antique shops, a coffee shop, a bakery, numerous cafe’s, plus many new ethnic eateries. Norcross variety is the spice of Norcross life! While maintaining a balance of remembering the old, the downtown area is also embracing the new.

What is Coming to Norcross?

Funding for the $4 million renovation of Lillian Webb Field will be the spark that will hopefully ignite the flame of widespread improvement. Expect to see the new park feature two fountains, a water scape, bandstand and the Gateway Plaza at the entrance.

New Condos and Flats Coming to Downtown Norcross

Surrounding this newly improved space, it is expected that the Downtown Development Authority of Norcross (DDA) will construct new residences around the park. According to Skip Nau, chairman of the DDA, two residential buildings will be built along side the entrance to Lillian Webb Field on Jones Street. In addition, 10 live-work condos will be built on College Street. Chairman Nau indicated these Norcross homes will overlook the park.

More Norcross Home Buying Choices

If you are looking for more Gwinnett County home buying choices, you would do well to consider this alternative to a traditional suburban residential setting. When you add escalating gas prices, those who work in downtown Norcross will find these home buying options most appealing.

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Tell us how you feel about the new initiatives to create more imaginative spaces in downtown Norcross?

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